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More Pattaya Road Rage


วันที่ 12 ต.ค. 60 เวลา 20:57:29 น.

จำนวนผู้ชม : 176

Miss Prang Chamaithip recently posted this clip on her Facebook page. It shows a red car reversing into a volunteer police officer. The officer was hit so hard that he was thrown into the air. The car hit him twice. While trying to flee the scene, the car then struck a motorcycle, knocking the bike over. The driver and child passenger on the motorcycle suffered serious injury, including broken ribs. On social media this incident triggered widespread condemnation of the car driver’s unacceptable behavior.

Mr. Ton Luektalay, a 33 year old police volunteer, reported the crime. The driver of the red car is reported to be 36 years old and of Asian appearance. She has been charged with reckless driving causing injury to others and the suspect has been taken into police custody.



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