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Road Rage


วันที่ 07 ต.ค. 60 เวลา 12:06:09 น.

จำนวนผู้ชม : 131

According to Miss Patchamon Sirivanich, while driving home in her white Toyota on the frontage road near Sriracha, a black Ford, which was exiting the motorway, was about to cut dangerously in front of her, so she sounded her car horn. The occupants of the Ford were upset by being honked at and the female driver tried to pass Patchamon and force her to stop. She refused, and a car chase ensued.

When the chase ended at a red light, the teenage male passenger in the Ford got out and jumped onto Patchamon’s Toyota, kicking the car several times before running away. The incident was filmed by a member of the public. A police report was filed and the man later turned himself in.



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